CO2 Emissions Badge

Responsible for your deliveries and the world around us

At Mail Box Express, we believe in sourcing goods and services from suppliers who operate in an ethical way and we encourage the people we work with to share our ambition to rid the workplace of unethical practices.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy of Mail Box Express considers the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers, employees, communities and the environment in all aspects of our operations.

This obligation extends beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation and sees Mail Box Express voluntarily taking further steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their? families as well as for the local community and society at large.

Whilst we cover just about everywhere, we always strive to care for everywhere too.

In short, Mail Box Express…

  • Uses a fleet of low emission vehicles.
  • Uses bio diesel which is 85% cleaner than normal diesel.
  • Is fuel efficient – so we can make sure that our prices are always competitive.
  • Only uses paper when absolutely necessary.
  • Ensures all paper used is always 100% recycled.
  • Bill clients using online and paperless methods.
  • Travels the shortest most economical routes.
  • Uses the most efficient vehicle for the journey.
  • Always looks at ways to expand our eco credentials and our goal is to change our fleet to fully electric vehicles once feasible.
  • Is in the process of ISO14001 accreditation.

As a responsible courier service we always up hold the values of our customers and will continue to maintain and develop the level of responsibly we have towards our customers.