How to request a delivery (Account Customers)

How to request a delivery (Account Customers)

During the account opening process you would have been assigned a username and password, if you have misplaced any of your details don’t worry give us a call on 08080 742 587.

When you have your account details please visit the Mail Box Express Homepage. From this screen you are able to log in to your account two ways either through clicking on the book online now button in the header or click on the account button in the menu.

When you have accessed either of these pages you will be given three options:

  1. Book online now
  2. Open an account
  3. Login to your account

To request a collection for your goods you will need to select option 3: Login to your account. Click on the login button and it will ask you for your username and password.

When logged into your account you will be able to see two options on the top of your page under the header, one saying request a delivery and the other saying history. In order for you to request a collection please press the request a collection button.  

It will now take your through our STEPS booking system, the first step is the delivery address of your recipient. Please add all the information you have on your recipient to ensure the right address and delivery information is found.

The next step to requesting a collection is choosing the delivery type (same day, next or international) and what transport method you would like your goods to be delivered by. 

Within the next step you need to provide the number of packages you have, the weight or the volumetric weight (free calculator on the same page) of your goods and if you require a customer reference number for your delivery please provide one in this section. If you are not sure of all of the detail of your package do not worry we weigh and measure the package for you.

The last step asks you to add any special instructions for your package, the value of the goods you are sending, the senders name and if you need it transit liability insurance.

Once have you finished the last step you will have successfully requested a collection, if at any point you would like to change of the details you provided during the process this can easily be done by contacting your local depot on 08080 742 587

At this stage you will be able to print out the labels you need to add it to your package if you wish. You should receive a confirmation of request of delivery to the account holders email address.

If you have any further questions regarding the request to collect a delivery the you can call us on 08080 742 587 or email