Open an account

Our online account application form asks you general information about you and your business, the information you provide in this section will make up your account.  There is the list of information we require off you to open an account:

  • Company Name*
  • Building Number/Name*
  • Street Name*
  • Post Code*
  • Country*
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  • Contact Name*
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  • Enter Your Required Username(to be used when logging into the Members' Area)
  • Estimated Monthly Expenditure
  • Invoice Address(if different from left
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Once you have filled in the application form we will receive your request and email you within minutes the details of your new account. When we have issued you with an account you will be given a username and password.

When you have access to your account you can then request a collection effortlessly, your details will be stored and all the recipients’ addresses will be saved to save you from imputing them again.

Monitoring your package through our Geo stamping map, checking your delivery history and getting your POD within seconds of delivery are just a few of thing features you have available on your account.

If you would like to speak to someone local to you about opening an account give us a call on 08080 742 587.