Codegate Helps Mail Box Express Deliver for The Legal Profession

Mail Box Express is the preferred courier for three of the top global law firms.

Codegate Helps Mail Box Express Deliver for Legal Profession

Mail Box Express works with Codegate’s to deliver the track and trace software that enables us to undisputedly prove that a parcel has been delivered. The majority

of collections and deliveries we carry out for the legal profession involves the passing of 'bundles' of documents relating to specific court cases between those acting for the prosecution and the defense.

The bundles have to be exchanged within an agreed timescale and it is imperative that concrete evidence of proof of delivery can be provided.Just how crucial this proof of delivery can be was recently very much brought home to me when I was contacted directly by a Judge, claiming that one side in a case over which he was presiding had not received the bundle of papers dispatched to them via Mail Box Express.

Codegate's mobile worker for Couriers software running on mobile devices carried by all of our couriers, enables them to capture an electronic signature of proof of delivery, which is automatically date, time and location stamped. As soon as I was able to provide the Judge with undisputable evidence around the delivery of this specific bundle, his comments regarding potential charges around my contempt of court happily came to an end!"

Unlike other couriers, Mail Box Express drivers may only carry out one consignment a day which may involve obtaining signatures on legal documentation from parties located all over the country. Click to read more...