Yorkshire Road Closures

Please note the road closures below for next week which could cause delays

Tuesday 19th June (Boston Spa to Harewood) 

General disruption as the torch travels through Boston Spa (from 11am) and Wetherby (11.45am) & Collingham on route to Harewood House (12pm). Some restrictions on parking on High Street Boston Spa & North Street Wetherby throughout the day, closure of Bridge Road Boston Spa and North Street, Wetherby between 10.30am and 12pm 

Sunday 24th June (Otley to Temple Newsam)

General disruption to traffic as the torch makes its way from Otley (at approx 5.15pm) to Temple Newsam (for approx. 7.30pm) via Kirkstall, Headingley Stadium (5.30pm), Chapel Allerton, Harehills (6.30pm) & East End Park. More specific disruption on Kirkstall Lane which will be closed between Queenswood Drive and Cardigan Road between 5.30 and 6pm. Parking restrictions will be in place on this section all day. Further parking restrictions will be in place on Hawksworth Road, Horsforth, Potternewton Lane, Chapel Allerton, Harehills Lane, Chapel Allerton & Harehills and East Park Parade, Richmond Hill 

Monday 25th June (City Centre to Morley)

General disruption to traffic as the torch makes its way from Leeds City Centre (7.15am) to Morley (9.15am) via Millennium Square, Royal Armouries (7.35am), Hunslet, John Charles Centre for Sport (8.10am), Beeston, Elland Road, Churwell Hill Morley Bottoms, Scatcherd Lane (9.05am) and Fountain Street. More specific disruption due to physical closures will be encountered on The Headrow, City Centre (Oxford Place to Cookridge Street) (6.30 to 7.30am), John Charles Approach (7 to 8.30am) [access to south Leeds Academy will be via Old Run Road and John Charles Centre for Sport via Middleton Grove], Tempest Road at its junction with Beeston Road (from 7.45am) and Chapel Hill, Morley – at its junction with Queen Street (8.30 to 9.15am). Further parking restrictions will be in place on Oxford Place & Great George Street, City centre, Old Run Road, Beeston, Tempest Road, Beeston, Church Street, Morley, Scatcherd Lane, New Park Street & Fountain Street, Morley. 

Tuesday the 19th June (York):

  • 17:24 Tadcaster Road to the Mount
  • 17:48 The Mount to Micklegate Bar
  • 17:56 Along City Walls to Lendal Banks
  • 18:03 Lendal Banks onto Rougier Street
  • 18:04 Rougier Street to George Hudson Street
  • 18:05 George Hudson Street onto Bridge Street
  • 18:06 Over Ouse Bridge onto Spurriergate
  • 18:09 Spurriergate / Coney Street onto St Helen's Square
  • 18:11 St Helen's Square to Stonegate
  • 18:12 Stonegate onto Low Petergate
  • 18:13 Low Petergate onto King’s Square
  • 18:15 King’s Square onto Shambles
  • 18:19 Shambles onto Pavement
  • 18:19 Pavement to Coppergate
  • 18:20 Coppergate to Clifford Street /Tower Street
  • 18:21 Tower Street onto Bishopgate Street
  • 18:24 Bishopgate Street over Skeldergate Bridge and Bishopthorpe Road
  • 18:28 Bishopthorpe Road onto Campleshon Road
  • 18:38 Campleshon Road into Racecourse Road running behind York Racecourse buildings
  • 18:42 York Racecourse Road onto Racecourse Track 18:50 Torch onto York Stage
  • Wednesday 20 June:
  • 07:44 York Minster, Duncombe Place onto High Petergate and under Bootham Bar
  • 07:45 High Petergate onto St Leonard's Place
  • 07:46 St Leonard's Place onto Museum Street
  • 07:47 Museum Street, over Lendal Bridge and onto Station Rise
  • 07:50 Leeman Road onto National Railway Museum (NRM)
  • 07:55 into NRM
  • 08:14 Scots Guardsman train leaves NRM for Thirsk