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Motorbike courier and rider in LeedsIf you’re looking for a delivery company who can provide you with an urgent same day delivery service you might be interested in knowing that we have one of the largest fleets of motorbike couriers outside of London, Enabling us to quickly respond to any of our customer’s delivery needs within minutes of booking. For an urgent delivery there is no vehicle better suited to a same day delivery than a motorbike as a motorbike can take a third less time to get to any destination than a van.

The Mail Box Express motorbikes can transport: keys, passports, letters, legal and general documents, parcels, medical samples, replacement parts, blood and much more. Usually the average motorbike can take weight up to around 15kg with a maximum length of 32cm, width 26cm and depth of 23cm.

Our advance riders are fully trained and have travelled millions of miles and are fitted with satellite navigation systems, mobile phone receivers and the POD hand sets. With a fully traceable service account customers are able to follow the location of their delivery and get proof of delivery within 30 seconds drop off.

As a specialist courier our motorbike couriers can offer a fully accountable and secure service for delivering sensitive and legal documentation within the UK. So if you have a time critical same day delivery in Leeds, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Harrogate, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester consider selecting a motorbike as your preferred delivery choice on our online booking system today.




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