Mail Box Express are certified to a ISO 9002 standard

An ISO 9002 certified company demonstrates quality in its processes, procedures, products and services. In addition, it maintains that quality through regular monitoring and review.

You know what you’re expecting with a ISO 9002 accredited company as you know you can expect the highest standards from our services and staff. You are also safe in the knowledge we can deliver your packages and they will never  go astray, knowing that we have all the right procedures in place means that you parcel is more likely to arrive on time and in the right place compared to one man band couriers.

You will always get competitive rates and excellent value for money through Mail Box Express as our pricing producers and strategies are ISO-approved. The only thing you wont expect is how good our service and delivery is. We have an excellent customer service process which means that you will get through to local staff with knowledge and experience of the courier industry and our services. You wont go through call centres when dealing with us, speak to human by calling 08080 742 587


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