Cheques And Banking Courier Service

Because Mail Box Express is such an efficient courier, we can actually make you money!

By using a courier that can pay your deposits (Cheques/cash) sooner rather than later you can start earning interest sooner and even more than pay for the cost of a courier in the first place. We can collect and deposit cash and cheques on your behalf, saving your employees time, this service is available throughout the UK, however we depots in Leeds, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Harrogate, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester.

For instance, for one recent client, the interest made on the early deposit of this cheque more than paid for the invoice from Mail Box Express and a company owed £200,000 would pay for the courier collection in interest alone.

Can you afford not to get a courier you can rely on? Call us today and talk to us about your requirements anytime on 08080 742 587.

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