Tender Serving

There are times when you need your courier to collect or deliver to a specific time line. It maybe a business tender needs to be submitted by 12.00 noon on a certain day. It may be a medical or veterinary sample that has a limited shelf life. If you need a time critical courier, we will ensure that you have one, to collect and deliver to your timing.

We know how tight deadlines can be, as a same day courier we have delivered hundreds of tenders and served tenders our selves. We know that some businesses like to leave things to the last minute to ensure they are able to add as much information as possible. If you need to send you tender and your worried about the deadline we are able to use one of our motorbike couriers to save your employees time and effort. Why divert your employee’s primary tasks, be cost affective!

If you are organised you can always send your tender using our next day delivery service, you get the effectiveness and the efficiency of the same day delivered just a day later. We have fantastic rates and we can offer you any time next day delivery including Saturdays. So if you don’t trust the national post service then let the tender serving experts deliver your tenders.

Time Critical Couriers

We know that you are trusting us with a potential gold mine so we treat every delivery like our own, if you send a tender through us Mail Box Express will deliver peace of mind and that’s a promise, we have never lost a same day delivery! You can also rest in the knowledge that as a professional courier our employees will be the perfect ambassador for your business, with uniform and ID badges you will not be let down by our fully trained local staff. Contact us anytime on 08080 742 587.

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